String of laptop thefts in campus libraries

Blood is Boyle-ing after poor CCTV blamed for library crimewave

A string of callous laptop thefts have hit Eddie Boyle. 

It’s 3pm on a Wednesday during the height of essay deadline season.

You got up at the crack of dawn to come to the library and mark out your spot, like a holidaying German does a sun lounger by the pool.

You’ve been there all day; kept busy by cycles of frantic highlighting broken up by finding out which member of the Friends/Game of Thrones/New Girl cast you are on Buzzfeed.

Now, the inevitable has happened: you require food, caffeine, a poo or all of the above. Dilemma: Pack up all your gear and risk some Larry-come-lately setting up camp on your hard-earned desk, or leave you stuff and be as quick as possible so you can get back to finding out if you’re more of a Monica or a Chandler?

I simply must know

Some unlucky students in this exact position last week took the latter risk. Upon their return to their respective study stations in Edward Boyle, they were met – not by the stark realisation that they were in fact a Phoebe, but – with a barren, laptopless desk.

The odd theft in a university library is nothing new, but two laptops taken in one week should make you think twice about leaving your computer on its lonesome.

Especially when you combine this with the news that the Police are having difficulty following up on the crimes because the CCTV coverage in the Edward Boyle library is so poor.

Sarah Jane Wylie, a fourth year law student, is no stranger to the libraries here at Leeds Uni.

We asked Sarah about her thoughts on leaving items in the library unattended; she had this to say:

“Don’t do it. People steal them. I heard someone stole a girl’s laptop, charger AND shoes.”

The securely laced lawyer continued:

“Leaving it unattended for a quick wee is acceptable, anything more is just stupid.

It’s enough to make your blood Boyle

“I’m pretty shocked that CCTV Coverage isn’t better considering the amount of mac wankers at uni.

“I did see a security guard on the 13th floor the other day though, but I’m pretty sure he was only there on one occasion”

Have you ever had any items pinched while in the library or know anyone who has? Email [email protected] and tell us your story.