Beckett brings Leeds Uni medics to tears

The poly put their photo on the prospectus and made out they can’t spell and that

Many among the more academic crowd of Leeds University look down at the intellectual capacity of their Leeds Beckett counterparts, it’s a known fact. 

But now it seems that even Leeds Beckett acknowledges this and has resorted to using non-Beckett students for it’s ad campaigns.

For one group of Uni students, words couldn’t describe the shame they felt after realising that they had fallen victim to this.

Around 18 months ago this group of Leeds University students were chilling in Hyde Park when they were approached by a Beckett prospectus photographer who asked to take their picture and told them to “pretend they were having a good time”.

Probably the last time they all smiled.

When asked how they felt about being used to advertise Beckett, third year medic Stuart White (far left) said: “It’s banter, it’s fucking banter.”

When Stuart’s friend found and sent him the advert the group were left reeling in horrified disbelief.

But fellow third year medic Dan Belete (second from right) seemed pleased with himself. He says: “I think i look quite good in the picture so I’m quite happy about that.”.

They were too ashamed to show their now tarnished faces

Leeds Beckett has inadvertently caused immense distress to this young group of future doctors by associating them with their “institution” (which doesn’t even offer medicine).

Alex Davison (far right) in particular is considering taking things further: “Its pretty horrendous, I’m currently considering legal action against Leeds Polytechnic for all the emotional anguish. I’ve even lost a lot of friends.”

(…We were going to correct him to Beckett but ‘Polytechnic‘ just sounded right.)

Dave emotionally wipes Alex’s tears

No royalties have, as yet, been given to the group. This has led to Dave Song (second from left) feeling like he has been “violated and preyed on”.

Our hearts go out to them all at this difficult time.