Halloween fire nightmare: Crews called to inferno on Brudenell Road

The room at the centre of the blaze was ‘completely destroyed’

Halloween festivities were ruined for residents for a house on Brudenell Road after a blaze brought fire brigades to their door.

The attic room of the three-storey student house caught fire, causing a blaze late on Friday evening, while most were out enjoying Halloween celebrations.

One witness who had been at a house party next door said: “We became aware of the blaze after one of the fireman knocked on our door and asked us to evacuate due to the property next door being alight.

“They said they feared the fire could spread into neighbouring buildings.”

Zoology second year Zoe Buckingham was shocked by the chaotic scenes.

She said: “We were all at the house party and didn’t even know there was a fire util the firefighter turned up and asked us all to leave.

“It was so funny because we was all standing in the middle of the street dressed up as zombies.

“Not exactly what you’d expect on a Friday night.”

Fire destroyed mattress


Witnesses described the attic room at the centre of the inferno as “completely destroyed.”

Zoe says: “The people who lived there dragged out the mattress from the room and all that was left was the springs.

“I feel so sorry for the person who’s room that was.”

The cause of the fire is yet to be confirmed.