Now club nights pretend to be the NHS

Get. Their. Attention.

Mint have been promoting their club nights by sending students texts claiming to be from the NHS.

With their number automatically appearing on phones as ‘NHS noreply’, Mint Mondays have cheekily found a way to avoid their mass texts being ignored.

The text starts with a dramatic “Your test has come back positive”, before telling them to come to Mint Mondays “for further details”.

You make Jeremy Hunt Health Secretary and then…

This got a less than favourable response from recipients.

Second year Biological Sciences student Edward Hale said: “I was surprised at first to see a text from NHS, but I opened it to find it was actually just poor taste advertising from Mint Mondays.

“I think it’s a shame as I like Mint Mondays but this really is scraping the barrel when it comes to promoting.”

This follows a text Rough Hill sent earlier this month, which claimed to be from ‘mum’, but promoted their event at Leeds University Union.

The nicest my mum has ever been to me

They eventually apologised for the insensitive messages.

Now Mint appear to be upping the ante.

How many people went to Mint last night on the basis of genuinely wanting to find out more about their results is not known.