Halo does a U-turn on extended opening hours plan

Bad news, 6am Halo isn’t happening

Revellers will be devastated to hear that Halo won’t be staying open later, after pressure from the police and university.

Owners have withdrawn their application for extended open hours amid concerns about excessive drinking and anti-social behaviour.

Halo had initially planned to increase opening hours from 3.30am to 6am.

They also proposed to add two more outside bars, meaning club-goers would be able to get their drinks without having to put out their cigarettes.

But these hopes have now been dashed and the application to extend opening hours has been removed following opposition from joyless local authorities and the uni.

According to the licensing report, the Leeds club has had a high level of booze-fueled crimes over the past year.

This has included 52 thefts, 14 assaults, 7 dunk and disorderly arrests and 3 sexual assaults.

The local police had submitted objections as a result of fears the longer opening hours could result in more  alcohol-fueled anti-social behaviour, noise nuisance and criminal damage.

Credit: Wiz photography

Cat Sanderson, licensing officer for West Yorkshire Police said: “The premises need to be able to control their venue and customers within their current hours of operating before applying for additional hours.”

Meanwhile the uni, who are currently spending £27.5million on a new 24 hour Laidlaw Library directly next door to the club, have complained that rowdy clubbers could disturb or intimidate students studying in the library late at night.

Halo have declined to comment on the decision.