Burglars broke into my bedroom at night, but all they stole was weed and a laptop

They still don’t feel safe enough to sleep in their own beds


Residents in Hanover Square were left terrified after thieves attack their house whilst they slept.

The house was targeted on Saturday night when seven of the ten housemates were out.

Psychology student Beth Croak was one of the three unlucky housemates asleep in bed when the thieves struck.

The terrified second year, who still doesn’t feel safe in her own home, said: “I’m still not sleeping in my own bed”

She said: “Around 3am, I heard voices but just assumed it was the others coming home.

“They tried my bedroom door but I always lock it when I sleep.

“I heard them say, ‘kick it in’…”

The shocked second-year woke and screamed as the thieves persisted to kick down her bedroom door.

She said: “They started kicking it in, it was about to come off the hinge, so I screamed and they yelled ‘shit run’.

“They got in through a smashed window on the basement floor.”

Although thankfully the burglars bottled it and ran they still took “a laptop and some weed” from the bedroom in the basement.

Beth explains: “My friends on the upper floors who were out had doors unlocked so if I wasn’t in, they would have got everything stolen. “

The terrified Psychology student says that since the attack their landlord has “made their home into a fortress”.

Along with calling the police, who took fingerprints to find the thieves, now new security lights, more alarms and strengthened glass have since been added to the property.