It’s finally here: Get Baked set to open restaurant

Get Baked gets bigger, better, burger-er

The vikings went down in history for pillaging neighbouring countries. Leeds students then redefined the word ‘pillage’ once Get Baked was founded. 2015 is about to see yet another redefinition.

The most popular takeaway in Leeds is, to the tearful joy of students everywhere, expanding to keep up with it’s mammoth 4000 orders a week.

Once host to the second room of Halo, Quilted Llama is separating itself from the club to become a brand new restaurant called ‘The Joint’ and is set to open between now and Christmas.

When asked why they wanted to be anonymous they said, “Illuminati, innit”.

For those despairing over whether or not they can still order takeaways, the original Meanwood branch will still be delivering.

The new and separate restaurant will offer 12pm to 12am dining for 140 lucky people that manage to make it through the inevitable queues, with collections available for those willing to travel for the reward.

The site of the new restaurant, opposite Tesco Express on Woodhouse Lane.

Much to the disappointment of every single student in Leeds, it seems to be taking forever.

The great minds behind Get Baked say: “We’ve got a lot of difficulties due to the fact that the building is ‘Grade II listed’ which means that we can’t even fart in here without permission from the authorities”.

As well as that, and all farts aside, they said “We’re perfectionists. We always need a lot of deliberation for it to be perfect”.

You’d have to literally be quite strange to not drool at this.

Unfortunately, as the inside currently looks like a Bob The Builder filmset that’s been blown up it’s still hard to tell what theme they will be creating for the interior.

Refusing to give too much away, they said: “It’s a big surprise, one that’s setting us back £650,000”.

The venue will eventually open even earlier and later to offer even more. They said: “We have plans to offer an authentic american breakfast as well as staying open till 3am for a stand-on-the-table-get-your-grandma’s-wallet-out type thing”.


Their aim is to make The Joint more of a venue and not just a restaurant, one that will feature acts and live shows too.

With the university’s new library set to open soon, it’s good news for late night revellers who now have a way to reward themselves for such good work.

Get Baked says: “We’re chuffed to be so close to campus and have access to 28,000 students – it’s a great hub for everyone utilising the brand new £27.5 million library”.

If you plan on attending the launch event, we highly recommend getting there as early as possible unless you enjoy milling around on pavements for hours.