Varsity: Live

Saving you the bus fare and telling you what’s going on in Uni’s battle with Met

21:17 The final varsity score is Uni 25 Beckett 31.

20:59 Nobody cares about Varsity anyway.

20:27 FT: Uni 30 Met 46

20:56 BECKETT TRY Oh that’s just not fair. Beckett score again.

20:54 It’s all over! Another try for Beckett. Heartbreak for Uni. The Poly have won. Having loads more students probably helps, but well done to them – they’ll enjoy that. 30-39

20:53 Seconds left. Have Uni’s varsity dreams been dashed?

20:52 It’s 30-32 as Beckett snatch a late try which Cargill converts.

20:50 Oh heck.

20:49 Could Beckett have blown the only thing they’re usually good at in spectacular fashion? It looked like it was going to be a walkover in the first half, but perhaps thinking about the actual spelling of ‘uni’ has preyed on Becketts’ minds. 30-25.

20:48 Tense times as the Polytechnic look for a try.

20:46 Luke Harris may not have to buy any of his own drinks tonight. It’s 30-25 to Uni as Guy converts Harris’ try with not long left.


20:41 Beckett back in front with just over ten minutes to go. These last few passages of play will decide whether varsity is important or not for another year.

20:37 Cargill has the chance to put Beckett ahead now in front of the posts… He makes it 23-25

20:33 A Beckett penalty goes through the post. Cargill makes is 23-22.

20:29 Jamie Guy is dat guy. Another three points as his penalty makes it 23-19

20:27 Uni still hold on to their narrow lead. This is setting up to be a classic ‘varisty’

20:23 Streakers! A proud varsity tradition continues.

20:21 Told you the comeback was on. Captain Ollie Roberts gets it. It’s converted, and now Leeds Uni lead. Beckett have thrown their massive lead away. 20-19

20:20 UNI TRY

20:14 The second half begins. Uni look to make their momentum count.

19:59 Half Time. Seems a lot of people don’t know how to spell ‘Varsity’

19:56 Three points for Uni. It’s 13-19 as Jamie Guy scores a drop goal.

19:54 Nothing’s really happened for a while. Might put the Champions League on…

19:48 Uni are back in this one. This is almost as exciting as a football match.

19:44 TRY UNI The greatest come back in the history of sport begins. Uni 10-19 Beckett as Jamie Guy converts Louis Timpany’s try.

19:41 TRY BECKETT DJ Otzi can be heard around the stadium as Leeds Uni’s defence is breached again. Longson with his second of the evening.

19:40 It will take more than a defeat at Varsity to make Uni feel inferior to Beckett

19:38 Try isn’t converted. Beckett lead 12-3. Uni fans pretend they’re at a Run DMC concert instead.

19:37 TRY BECKETT. Oh dear…

19:34 Romantic photography from the Union Affairs Officer

19:33 It’s one way traffic at the moment. Nobody cares about Varsity anyway.

19:30 Cargill screws a penalty wide of the posts. The Gryphon reported that as another three points for Beckett before deleting their tweet. The sort of amateur mistake you won’t see The Tab making.

19:27 Uni fans displaying their full range of songs as yet another cry of “Unaaay” goes round Headingley.

19:26 Leeds Uni stick a penalty away thanks to Jamie Guy. 7-3.

19:25 As you may have guessed, we don’t have press credentials for this one, so here’s some live photos from twitter.

19:21 TRY BECKETT Not the best of starts for Uni as the Poly get a try within five minutes via Josh Longson. It’s converted. 0-7.

19:17 We’re off!

19:16 Before we get underway, there’s a minutes applause for Richard Mayne, who died in the MH17 disaster this summer.

19:11 Beckett will win the Varsity trophy for yet another year, with the score at 30-25 at the moment. Of course, none of that will matter if Uni can dispatch them here. Uuuuunnnnaaaayyyyy!

19:10 Five minutes to go, is that a bear?

19:02 Thirteen minutes to kick-off

18:40 Spot the unimpressed non-‘lax girl’

18:22 Surely the finale of Varsity should be a rugby league game, given that Leeds is a league city? Are we bowing to privately-educated southerners?

18:16 With Beckett in position to secure their tenth consecutive varsity title, Uni’s attentions are now firmly focused on Headingley Carnegie Stadium

18:05 25-28 now.

17:58 24-28. This is running away from Uni now. Time to pretend we don’t care about the varsity trophy and that the rugby match is the only important one.

17:56 If there’s one thing Beckett students are going to have to learn to do, it’s mop up…

17:53 While Beckett lead, it’d probably be helpful to congratulate those from Uni who’ve emerged victorious. We’re officially better than Met at: Badminton, Biathlon, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Indoor Rowing and Volleyball.

17:47 Beckett lead 27-24 now. Disastrous scenes for Uni. It’s not been a successful day in the hockey.

17:43 The crowds are heading down to Headingley. Here’s one playing fast and loose with the term ‘ultras’

17:38 If the scores are level going into the Rugby Union game at Headingley (kick off 7.15pm), it would certainly add an extra edge to the game. It’s a foregone conclusion though, this is in the bag for Uni…

17:29 Unsurprising Leeds Beckett are losing in the ‘firsts’ games, as I believe firsts are an alien concept to them.

17:26 It’s 24 each and it’s in the balance now. I hear Uni have won the men’s football firsts, so literally the only sport worth winning in the bag for The Gryphons.

17:19 Those table tennis, lacrosse and hockey thirds games really add up. It’s 24-22 to Uni. Unfortunately there aren’t any a-level exams in varsity otherwise it’d be a whitewash. Just sport, which gives Beckett a chance.

17:09 It’s 22-19 to Uni, it appears we’re giving the lot from the poly a chance here. Any chance there’ll be some original chanting at Headingley this evening, or is it just “rather be a poly…” from Met and “If you can’t spell Uni…” from us lot?

16:43 Uni are ahead 15-13 so far, but there’s plenty of opportunities to humiliate Beckett further this evening, with the finale being the rugby at Headingley Stadium at quarter past seven.

If you don’t know what sport looks like, LUU have helpfully released a trailer here:


Beckett/Met have won the trophy nine years in a row.

The venue for the big one