You drink way less than the people in the year above

Alcohol sales in the Union are down 37.5%

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Optimistic Union officers claim students are turning their back on booze – to do more charity work.

Low alcohol sales combined with a record level of society membership has led the Union to hopefully declare “students reject getting drunk”.

New figures show Leeds students are buying a shocking 37.5% less booze in the Union than three years ago.

The Union splashed the cash on a PR agency to make the announcement, in a report entitled Express Yourself.

The press release said: “Thousands of students starting their new university year in the city are more likely to get their kicks from joining societies and fundraising instead of partying until the early hours in bars and clubs.”

Full of completely sober people

According to the Express Yourself survey we’re not drinking our way through our degrees any more, which will be news to anyone who has been outside this freshers’ week.

Alcohol sales in Union bars have been falling sharply in recent years, with only 42% of students considering going out to bars or clubs important.

And we’re buying 37.5% less alcohol in Union clubs than two years ago, which may be a sign we’re sobering up, or it could mean £2 pints need to be re-introduced.

The Union also pointed to an increase in society membership as evidence that we’re all just better people than previous students, given that society socials never involve alcohol.

Nearly 22,000 students joined societies in 2014, nearly double that of 2011.

And the heroic RAG society has raised £200,000 for charity in the last two years.

Bradley Escorcio, Union Affairs Officer, said: “Students too often receive a bad press, but as our own evidence shows many embrace the social and cultural side of University life and give back to local communities.”

Students were more suspicious of the Union’s report.

English Third Year Liam Wilby said: “I think charity’s great and all but I think most students would rather just have a good pint”.

The press release also bizarrely bragged about Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre being an alumni of the university.

Presumably because the LUU Officers all read his paper…