Uni loses its Edge as gym work is weeks behind schedule

Fitness nuts furious at ‘joke’ refurbishment – and fees are going up too!

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Coming back to Leeds, ready for a a fresh start and a new fitness regime?

Well sorry to tell you, you’re out of luck. The Edge gym is currently closed, awaiting the final refurbishment plans to be put into place.

A popular student haunt for everyone from unfit freshers to the Chinese Olympic team, The Edge recently announced plans for a major renovation to the gym with brand new equipment, new facilities and an updated weight room.

But any keenos will have to wait as sources have revealed that the initial planned launch date of 1st September was a tad optimistic and that the Edge is majorly behind schedule.

‘De Edge is foyne’

When the plans proposed that the fitness suite would be transformed into a 250 megastation gym, supposedly the best University gym in the country.

There was even a brand new weight and strength training room, perfect for hard-core rugby lads or wannabe body builders

Supposedly ready for the start of term, The Edge now has a proposed opening of mid-October.

A gym instructor who wishes to remain anonymous said: “This whole redevelopment seems a bit of a joke to me.

“I don’t see how people are going to benefit from the new facilities as the old ones were perfectly adequate.

“Plus they’re not even going to be able to use it from the start of term.

“Even if the members think it’s all of benefit to them, they’re not going to be happy when they find out their membership is going to go up as a result too.”

As of today the fitness suite will be open to the public, but the weight room will remain closed for an unconfirmed time and classes will still predominantly take place at Cromer Terrace until the end of the month.

They can’t ‘weight’ to see it open