Outrage as club promoter posts naked photo of his 100th ‘conquest’ without her consent

Taking Liberties promoter celebrates bedroom milestone with a naked selfie on Facebook.

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We’ve all heard of notches on bedposts, but is taking a naked selfie with your latest sexual partner a step too far?

Nightlife mogul Danny Harrison shared a photo of a nude woman on Facebook, making it available to thousands of people.

The picture was posted completely uncensored on his public Facebook account

The Events Manager who puts on nights at Control, Warehouse and Hifi captioned the post with the words ‘Number 100’, suggesting he was celebrating reaching a milestone of sexual partners.

But he later removed the post after angry students turned on him.

A former Warehouse employee who wishes to remain anonymous told The Tab: “I can’t work out why it is acceptable for a promo guy to accept some kind of a C-star celebrity lifestyle wherein his prime goal is to shock and build up a lad reputation”.

She added: “Not only is it detrimental to this girl’s reputation but it sends off the impression that it is OK to treat your one night stand or casual sexual partner with public objectification”.

Mixtape Project at Hifi … One of the club nights Danny promotes.

“He has an enormous influence on events in Leeds and it worries me that he is perpetuating this complete objectification of women”.

Another former employee of Control and Warehouse said: “I believe what Danny did as very immature and is not what is to be expected of a man in such a high position at a prestigious company like Taking Liberties.”

But this isn’t the first time a Leeds club promoter has come under fire for sharing on social media.

Last year Tequila bigwig Sam Welply was caught out sharing a rape joke video on his own Facebook, despite blaming students for the scandal.

Tequila owner Sam Welply came under fire last year for posting a video featuring rape jokes on Facebook

Mezz, the venue hosting Tequila, was eventually forced to close after students protested outside the club.

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