7 Signs you lived in Montague Burton

From meet-and-greets at the barbecue area to getting harassed by sub-wardens a minute past curfew, here’s 7 signs you lived in Leeds Uni’s friendliest detention centre.  Welcome to Montague Burton.


1. You almost didn’t make it into your first day of uni because the hill was just too steep.

Fuck your free gym membership.

2. But quickly realised you had it waaay easier than Leodis.

Poor bastards.

3. You were placed in a ground-floor flat and quickly surrendered all privacy.

Not Pictured: Flowers, chocolates and a chainsaw.

4. After a hard day at uni, all you could think about was getting home and relaxing on the sofas…


5. You developed rickets from living in one of the dungeon flats.

6. You relied on One Stop for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

7. You’ve never been to E block.