Random drug tests to be introduced before exams

Leeds Uni bring drug cheat crackdown – meaning you could be disqualified for doping before an exam

Leeds Uni have announced plans to introduce random drug tests for students during the upcoming summer exam period. 

A screening process will take place to detect Modafinil and Ritalin, known to enhance alertness and short term memory.

It is believed  a random selection of students will be contacted beforehand to undergo a non-optional test.

The tests could mean the end of “study drugs” such as Modafinil

Study drug Modafinil is widely used by students to aid concentration, while many students have turned to Ritalin to boost memory power before an exam.

This comes after a survey found 15% of Leeds Students admitted to taking study drugs after last year’s exams. 

Leeds Uni officials were concerned after Modafinil was openly sold in the Edward Boyle library last year.

Easily available…if you know who to ask

A Leeds University spokesperson said: “Use of enhancement drugs raises extremely serious ethical questions which go against our drug policy.”

“We will not be releasing any more details regarding the drug tests until closer to the exam period, but students are warned to stay away from any illegal substances.”

The Union website says: “The University has a zero tolerance policy to illegal drug taking, meaning you could be expelled.”

Drug-using students will run the risk of being one of those selected for a drugs test

Academics say the number of students using study drugs has risen over the last few years as they claim the pressure to do well increased during the recession, with some students even faking symptoms of ADHD in order to get prescriptions of Ritalin.

One student told The Tab: “This is absolutely ridiculous, possession of Modafinil is totally legal. I hope they don’t actually go through with this.”

But some students agreed with the drug testing, with one saying: “I don’t think it is fair that some students should get the edge just because they take drugs. Anyone cheating deserves to get caught.”

Check the date guys…