Headingley cat becomes internet celebrity after ‘opening bakery’

Internet goes bonkers for entrepreneurial cat who invented a new way to catch birds on Headingley Avenue

Watch out Greggs and Get Baked, there’s a new cat in town.

One feline is putting Headingley on the map after being photographed behind the counter of his own bakery.

But it’s not all what it seems. Is the cunning kitty using bread to lure in pigeons?

Purrfecting the arrangement .. The cat on Headingley Avenue

The image was shared on website Reddit, where it received nearly 13,000 upvotes, sending the images viral.

A Google Street view photo of Headingley Avenue from 2012 shows bread on the very same wall, suggesting the cat has been at it for a whole two years. 

But the cat is out the bag as it turns out the neighbour has been  feeding local cats for years. Hopefully he’s enjoy his internet fame anyway. 

Strangely it’s not the first time we’ve gone cat crazy in Leeds – students at Met obsessed over the Carnegie Cat last year, turning it into a campus-wide celebrity.