Students campaign to kick G4S off campus

Referendum held over whether LUU should cut ties with security company.

Leeds University Union will end it’s working relationship with infamous security services company G4S, if students choose to vote ‘Yes’ in a uni-wide referendum.

Voting closes today, and the ‘Yes’ campaign are hopeful of kicking out G4S due to what they see as involvement in a number of human rights abuses.

A flyer currently doing the rounds on campus says “LUU should have nothing to do with this company (which they use for cash transfers, although are currently not paying due to poor service). Vote YES to end LUU’s contract with G4S.”

The referendum comes after students protested against the uni’s involvement with arms company BAE. Last February a stink bomb was let off at the BAE recruitment stall at a careers fair, and a careers fair in October was protested against in The Edge.

Though it doesn’t seem G4S will get a whiff of the same treatment, students are certainly making themselves known in the comments section of the referendum.

Joanna Allan said: “G4S is a horrific institution complicit in their sexual abuse so no, we should certainly not have any relationship with them.”

Though, as the comments in ‘Against’ indicate, not everybody would be happy to see another Union ban.

David Penny said: “This is BAE all over again with LUU once again trying to justify its existence and individuals bashing more and more companies for CV points. Good on you, I hope you sleep well when the redundancies come round.”

The motion has been thrown open to students. You can cast your vote in the referendum here.