BNOC of the Year 2014: The Winner

The votes have been counted. We can now reveal who is the Biggest Name on Campus 2014.

Over 6000 votes and two weeks of hard campaigning later,  Robbie Hollis is the biggest name on campus 2014.

Mr Mischief took the crown with an impressive  33.59% of the vote.

Joe Mason came in second place with 24.16% and the bronze medal goes to your new Activities Officer Fiona Metcalfe – who got 22.25% of the votes.

Events Manager Robbie, who in Dublin right now, told The Tab: “Obviously I’m very flattered, and thanks to all the guys at Roughhill and SMS who shared the link asking people to vote!”

He added: “I made a bet with my housemate just in case I won, so I’m not allowed to mention it unless someone else brings it up, so I don’t think it will go to my head,

“Last night at Flux (yes Flux not Mishief!) when I got asked if I was “The guy from BNOC of the Year” about 30 times it was rather ego boosting, but my girlfriend hated it! Thanks to everyone who voted for me!”