A Qualite Solution to Our Thursday Night

Tequila is back and we should be excited – Thursday nights will be Qualite again argues SYD WILSON.


For the past few months, Leeds students have found themselves at a loss on Thursday nights.

Since we saw a controversial end to one of our favourite nights be shut down last year, students have been forced to choose between a sweaty night at Mission or (shock horror) a night in.

Have no fear students of Leeds, Voodoo Events have devised a cunning plan to save you from this torment. The wait is finally over!

From tonight, The Faversham will be taken over by the highly anticipated new night, Qualite. The guys in charge have kept stum about what to expect, only to add to the suspense. In case you haven’t seen the sleek new branding, this is merely a hint at the mystery to be unveiled on Thursday night.

Even though the details of the new night have been withheld, the Qualite posters hint to what our Thursday nights used to be, Freshers you’re in for a treat! The reaction around campus has already been staggering and word has spread like wildfire, so popularity definitely won’t be a problem.

The branding “For those that know” will be sure to attract a selected crowd, so make sure you don’t miss out what’s soon to be the new craze in Leeds.

Some students have felt it essential to make their opinions heard about this new night, although it would appear that this has been ignored as the night has already sold out!

This is no relaunch, this is merely a reinvention of the outrageous nights that Leeds students used to love. Some people like to go out for a quiet drink and others like to properly let their hair down and since there is a huge demand for this – why not let the students of Leeds choose a lack of conformity? Qualite will be sure to provide the craziness we’ve been crying out for.

The Faversham, having always been in the shadow of other Leeds clubs, now has its chance to show its full potential. What’s more, it’s only a few stumbles away from some post-dancing Charcos chicken, bonus!

With huge expectations and only a brisk walk to the venue, (no need to wait in the cold for those Amber taxis) Qualite is set to be a big hit amongst the party animals of Leeds, within no time there will be hoards of students waiting to get a piece of the action.

With any luck Thursday nights will soon return to normal and the students of Leeds can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The real question on everyone’s minds (apart from when will flyerers be banned!) is, will this Thursday truly be a Qualite night?