‘Sexual Harasser’ business cards sent round halls

Birthday prank business cards delivered to residents of James Baillie.


Most students just get free drinks from their mates on their birthday, and maybe a cake too.

But one Fresher  got a Birthday surprise when ‘Sexual Harasser’ business cards were distributed to all post boxes in James Baillie.

Student Mike Smith was pictured sitting on an elephant’s trunk with the description “Just an average guy with a passion for taxis and huge shlong looking for some fun!”

But some students took offence, with the mocked up business card drawing attention from LUU feminist society.

One member said:  “They’re treating sexual harassment as a joke, and bothering everyone in the building with their sexist nonsense.”

However another added: “No sexual harassment has happened, and none will happen because it is quite clearly a prank.”

Mike claims to have had no phone calls in response to the prank and will “hopefully not” receive too many in future.

Did you spot the business cards? Would you be tempted to give Taxi-lover Mike a call? Let us know in the comments.