BNOC of the Year 2014: Group Two

The second batch of nominees for BNOC of the Year 2014. Get voting!

Just under 1000 of you voted in the first group of BNOC of the Year 2014.

Round  One was neck and neck, with Nathan ‘Ball Stapler’ Bell and Freya ‘Tequila Slayer’ Potter battling it out for first place.

But Freya snatched the victory by just 28 votes, bagging a spot in next week’s final.

But who win BNOC of the Year Group Two? Get voting!

Fiona Metcalfe

Queen of RAG Fiona has taken the charitable society to dizzy heights over the past year as their Events Manager.

You might even recognise her as the girl dancing outside the Union every day this week to promote her campaign to become Union Activities Officer.

This Scouse party animal is known for her love of Eddie B level Flirteen, but can she woo your vote to be crowned BNOC of the Year?

Zach Haile

With big hair and even bigger personality, can Zach Haile become the Biggest Name on Campus?

Starting his BNOC career working at Mint, Zach can always be spotted at the most popular nights doing his thing with an all access pass.

You might remember him as the star model from the last two Fashion Shows getting the loudest screams from his adoring fans.

Matt Tasker

‘Head Honco Matt’ is the big dog of student radio and truly rules the waves here at Leeds Uni.

Loved by over 250 members of LSR, if you haven’t seen manager Matt yet – you’ve definitely heard him.  

But has this student DJ made enough noise to become BNOC of the Year?

Bradley Escorcio

Because couldn’t have a BNOC of the Year competition without featuring at least one of the Exec…

Bradley ‘Go With The Fro’ Escorcio is known by all as the guy who keeps the price of a pint and a meal deal nice and cheap in the Union.

He got your vote last year, but can this Fruity fanatic win his toughest election yet?


VOTE NOW. The winner of Group Two will be announced on Saturday.