Leeds Met students reject uni name change

Referendum shows that Met-goers don’t fancy ‘Beckett’.

Students at Leeds Metropolitan have voted overwhelmingly against the decision to change their Uni’s name to ‘Leeds Beckett’

In an online referendum 1,256 voted against the name change, whilst only 279 students voting in support.

But this doesn’t mean though, that the name change won’t go ahead – Uni bosses will make their final decision next week.

It’s unlikely The Tab’s suggestions of Leeds Oceana and Leeds Specialist Crèche will be thrown in to the mix, given the unpopularity of ‘Leeds Beckett’, though that might inspire more people to go out and vote for or against than it did this time.

The mood at Leeds Met right now

A recent post on the Facebook group said: “Let’s think about this for a moment – there are only three Metropolitan universities in England, London, Leeds and Manchester, five if we include Wales.”

“The current name might not be unique, however it is a recognised brand name. Instead of concentrating on growth and profit, why not concentrate on delivering quality services and education?”