Is this the best election video so far?

Video: Rapping in the library and popping fake champagne outside the Union? We think this hip hop parody might be the best campaign video so far.

Lets face it, Leeds Union elections are usually a boring affair unless you’re involved in student politics. 

But this video is a step in the right direction for LUU candidates.

Sampling Drake’s ‘Started from the Bottom’, Melissa 4 Education’s campaign video features rapping in the library and popping fake champagne outside the Union.

Melissa told The Tab: “It was great fun to film and write, it allowed my personality to come through in my campaign, which is exactly what I wanted.”


She added: “I chose Drake because I think he’s quite a universal artist, one that a lot of students know and enjoy.”

“I can do the upright professional but I also have a fun side to me.”


Her video is certainly more original than the epidemic of Harlem Shake videos from last year…

And the less said about this the better: