9 Things you’ll only understand if you lived in Devonshire

From feeling like a wizard to getting pre-drinks shut down by wardens, here’s 9 things you’ll only understand if you lived in Leeds’ ‘most privileged’ halls.

1.  Feeling like a wizard on your first day     

As you realize you’re actually moving in to Hogwarts.


 2. That glamour immediately wearing off when you realize that you live in this big red shithouse called the orchards…

No wonder they walled it off from the rest of the halls

They might as well have put us in with the plebians over at JB

 3. Or that some people get to live in staterooms, but you’re shoved into a closet

Look familiar?

4. Having to constantly reassert yourself that you are nowhere as posh as people assume… for the most part.

And I thought polo was a mint

If you have ever uttered the phrases: “No, my family does not have an estate”, “No, my daddy is not paying for my uni fees” or “For the last time no I do not own a fucking horse” then you’ll know what I mean.

If you haven’t, you’re probably catered.

 5Despite going to an East London state school – you can live under the pretense that you are one of the privileged kids every time there’s a formal dinner.

Or just being reminded that you are the sole member of your graduating class from Harrow who didn’t go to Oxbridge.

Just look at dem fresh garms 

6. Predrinks being shut down at precisely 11pm. Every. Single. Time.

So often you’re now on first name basis with every sub-warden.

7. Being able to rack up £400 of fines, all from noise complaints

Who knew a simple FIFA tournament could be so expensive. Yes, this actually happened. It was 7pm.

What it felt like

8. Being one of the handful of elites who know where the gun room is

9.Death mountain

A.K.A. Cumberland mountain, Cumberland road, or The last fucking thing I need after a full day at uni.

Falling boulders added for effect