Sex Survey: The Results

Leeds students are more likely to have one-night stands, have sex in freshers week and fancy gingers, but our men have a smaller penis size than the national average – all according to a new survey.

Leeds is better than Birmingham, Bristol and London for one-night stands and fancying gingers – according to a survey of 6,000 students by

But it’s not all good news – our men also apparently have a smaller penis size than the national average…

16% of girls questioned thought the average penis size at Leeds Uni was between 0 and 2 inches! A majority of 32% thought it was between 2 and 4, whereas a generous 23% of girls thought the average was over eight inches.

The survey reveals 100% of male students at Leeds said that they’d be more than happy to ‘shag a ginger’. In stark contrast to the 33% of blokes at Birmingham and 47% at Bristol.

Leeds also topped the polls when it came to one night stands, with 88% claiming to have had sex in their first week of Uni, knocking Bristol (84%) into second place, and London and Birmingham (81%) into joint-third.

According to the survey, 74% of students at Leeds claimed to have a freshers one-nighter, just ahead of Bristol’s 72%.

A whopping 86% of students questioned also thought Leeds girls were adventurous when it came to ‘other’ forms of gratification, in stark contrast to 42% of lads who didn’t think the Brummie girls were up for anything different.

There we have it, either Leeds Uni is a lot sluttier than it lets on, or we’re just a lot more boastful than the rest of the country.