Oceana to close down

The place you voted ‘The Worst Club in Leeds’ is closing its doors for the final time this weekend

It’s a sad day for Leeds Met… Oceana is closing down. 

The club made the announcement on their Facebook page yesterday.

After 9 years in Leeds, Oceana will swigging their last VKs on Saturday night.

We can’t help but feel slightly guilty. After all, Oceana was voted the Worst Club in Leeds in our poll.

But apparently the club will be reopening under a new name – Pryzm – in an attempt to appeal to a “more mature customer base”, according to Oceana management.

The rebranded club is set to open on the 28th March – the last day of term.

Oceanas in Bristol and Kingston have already undergone the transformation into Pryzm, but not always with successful results.

Reactions in Leeds ranged from genuine sadness:

To a sense of relief:

How do you feel about Oceana closing down and reopening with a new name? Let us know in the comments.

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