Wheeler-Dealer: Drug dealer’s stash found in car airbag

Police find over a grand’s worth of drugs in a car on Headingley Lane.

A drug dealer operating in Leeds was arrested for keeping over £1000’s worth of cannabis and MDMA in his car airbag.

The situation really has blown up in the face of 22-year old Kevin Granelli, who had been released on bail the day before for possession of cannabis.

Feeling deflated: Kevin Granelli faces three years jail time

Granelli told police before they searched his car that there were no drugs in the vehicle, but officers found bags of the stuff – 23 to be exact.

The plastic bags of skunk cannabis and MDMA amounted to £1,132 and Granelli also had a further £590’s worth in his possession.

His VW Bora was stopped on the 23rd of December, on Headingley Lane, close to the heavily student-populated Hyde Park.

Kevin Granelli now faces three years in prison after pleading guilty to the charges of possession of a class A and C drugs with intent to supply.