9 Things you’ll only understand if you lived in Henry Price.

From the weird bathroom locks to being right in the middle of campus, here’s 9 things you’ll only understand if you lived in Henry Price.

1. Five floors, no lifts.

No block had a lift except B, but they still were not allowed to use it.

 2. Getting your first choice

If you applied to Henry Price and got in you were the envy of your first year friends. Don’t lie, you loved rubbing it in.

3. Loathing the person with the room 3 times the size of yours

You got your first choice accommodation but you’ didn’t get that one massive room. So you had to settle for those tiny box rooms.

 But not exactly like this guy…

4. Having locks on the outside of the bathroom.

Nobody will ever understand the fear of somebody locking you in your own bathroom. Or walking straight through into your room either.

5. Having your own park

Not many other first years can roll out of their back door into their own bit of greenery.

6. Day time fire alarms

Fire alarms are bad at 4am, but during the day when you’re trying to work?  No.

Just stop it, ok?

7. Being in the centre of everything

Your flat was always nominated for predrinks. Always. At least you got to meet new people, right?

Or dodgy people like this guy…

8. Multitasking shower room

Who could ever complain having a bathroom so small you could shower on the loo?

Don’t forget the soggy loo roll!

9. Coming home

You finally finished that 3 hour day in uni and it only takes you 5 minutes to walk home. Also you never had to fight off the crowds for an essentials meal deal, you just gave up and went home for lunch.