Fallen tree blocks Uni halls as winds batter Leeds

Fallen tree blocks entrance to Oxley Halls and Otley Road still closed after Leeds is hit by gale force winds

Leeds was battered by gale force winds last night, causing a tree to fall down and block the entrance to Oxley Halls.

No vehicles were able to access the University halls of residence and students were warned not to climb over the tree, as it may have been unsafe.

Some students took to Twitter to raise their concern:

Powerful winds caused another tree to fall on on Otley Road, blocking the route between Hyde Park and Headingley.

A fallen tree blocking Woodhouse Lane

The tree reportedly broke through a wall and damaged a nearby car.

Otley Road remains closed this morning.

Last night many students were stranded inside the Parkinson Building as all buses were delayed due to heavy traffic.

A lorry overturning on the M62 close to Leeds