Is this the best student house in Leeds?

Think your student house is flashy? Take a look at this. We met the Leeds students whose house comes with a ‘ski chalet’ vibe, Persian rugs, a cleaner and even a piano!

 Ever thought your student house was the flashiest in Leeds? You were wrong. Five girls from Hyde Park show us their home…

With a ‘ski chalet’ vibe, shabby chic interiors and the most extravagant set of bedrooms – the prize for the Leeds snazziest crib goes to these guys.

With what can only be described as a Leeds manor, their home from home is commonly referred to as ‘Le Palais’. And quite rightly so.

The insanely generous and mother hen-like landlord provides a gardener and cleaner, alongside all the kitchen utensils, cutlery and cleaning equipment you would ever need.

Persian rugs, oil paintings and the most grown up mirrors suitable for Buckingham Palace are scattered effortlessly around the house.

With surround sound and a massive T.V with Sky plus, there’s no point in even going to the cinema, screw the orange Wednesday codes.

The house contains stacked bookcases that would make Darwin weep – walking to the Brotherton seems pointless.

Off street parking and a private drive means there is no fear of your car being in a crazed Leeds arson attack. ‘Le Palais’ has it all!

Oh and did we mention the piano…

The girls claim to pay “just under £100” a person per week for this gem… but we’re not sure if we believe them.

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