Hockey Club smash over 300 Snakebites in just one hour

Leeds hockey boys neck six snakebites each in annual Snakebite Challenge

With neck and nominates all over everyone’s newsfeed, it was only a matter of time until one of our sports societies took things to the next level. 

It was the Men’s Hockey club who rose to the task, putting away over 300 pints of snakebite in one hour.

Bigger than your average round … The Snakebites lined up

For their annual Snakebite Challenge, LUUMHC flocked to the Fenton pub and were presented with six pints of the beer and cider blend each.

At a cost of £2.50 per snakebite, the Hockey club splashed out nearly £800 – just for an hour’s drinking.

LUU Men’s Hockey’s Ali Mannering after finishing all six pints

The winner of the  challenge was announced as Chris Golding, who finished off  his six snakebites in only 25 minutes.

A spokesperson for LUUMHC said: “Rumours have circulated regarding his claim to have kept the fresh Snakey’ down, but as yet his claim has yet to be invalidated.”

A more frightening dirty pint than most neck-nominate videos

They added: “Following the expiration of the hour allotted for the sole purpose of Snakebite consumption, a band of the elite could be seen staying behind in the Fenton.”

“They hoovered up what was left, and marvelled at the sheer volume of vomit that had been regurgitated throughout the course of the evening.”