Three strikes and you’re out

More lectures cancelled tomorrow as unions call for third day of strikes this semester.

University staff hope strikes will prove third time lucky in their fight for higher pay. 

In what is becoming a regular occurrence on campus, lectures and seminars are set to be disrupted again on Thursday 6th February.

Classes are expected to be cancelled or postponed, while the Brotherton and Edward Boyle libraries are expected to close at an earlier time of 5pm.

Cafe opening times are also set to change.

The strike has aroused mixed emotions amongst Leeds’ students. Those out causing Mischief the night before are sure to be glad of the break.

But others, including Katy, a first year Sociology student, are less happy. She said: “I have two Sociology lectures cancelled on Thursday, which is essentially a third of my contact hours.”

She added: “I respect the rights of my lecturers to strike for their cause, but it’s very frustrating for students, especially as we’re paying £9,000 a year to study here.”

But the Edge-y students of Leeds should not worry too much: their favourite gym will be open as normal!