Bouncer jailed for Cockpit assault

Doorman is sentenced for pushing a woman down a flight of stairs as he was escorting her from the nightclub.

A bouncer has been jailed for an assault which took place at the popular student venue, Cockpit.

Doorman Elliot Greenberg pushed a woman down a flight of stairs at the city-centre nightclub as he was ejecting her from the venue.

Victim Emma O’Connell had to undergo surgery for a fractured wrist following the incident and Greenberg now faces a nine-month prison sentence for actual bodily harm.

Crown Court heard that Miss O’Connell was still suffering pain from her injuries a year after the incident which occurred in December 2012 as Miss O’Connell was about to leave the club.

According to reports, she was waiting for friends when she became involved in a dispute with another group of people after drinks were spilt over her coat and handbag.

Greenberg then became involved and began to usher Miss O’Connell out of the club, refusing to allow her to gather her belongings or wait for her friends.

CCTV footage from the night shows the victim being pushed down the stairs and using her arm to break her fall.

Judge Christopher Batty said to Greenberg: “You were in a position of responsibility as a doorman, a position you have taken very responsibly in the past with discretion and with exemplary fashion”.

“But on this night you behaviour was far from that and people in your position have to understand that when it is breached the court will not tolerate it.”