Animals Have Soles: Student Wins First Ever Vegan Shoe Competition

A Leeds student has won a worldwide competition to develop vegan footwear.

It’s probably fair to say not everyone gets it right when it comes to style on campus.

But one Leeds student has made the point that fashion victims go far beyond questionably-dressed undergraduates.

Alice in wonderland … The Leeds student is delighted with her victory

Animal-rights aficionado Alice Lambert-Gorwyn has raised awareness for ethical fashion by winning the first-ever competition to design a vegan shoe.

The fourth-year fashion student beat applicants from all over the globe to be crowned the winner of the challenge run by animal rights campaigners PETA and Beyond Skin

Alice’s shoe will now go into production and hit the market in time for the new season.

‘I like your style’ … Alice’s shoes do not use materials sourced from animals

The winning high-heel design is made from imitation exotic skin, faux leather and microfibre suede.

Judge of the competition Laura Whitmore described the student’s design as “slick and sophisticated.”

22 year old Alice, who lives in Leeds said: “I am extremely passionate about animal welfare. I’m a vegetarian and have recently made the decision to stop buying leather.”

Alice will continue to promote animal rights in the fashion industry and hopes to get a job with an ethical company in the future.

“I would love in the future to work for an ethical company, and this competition seemed like a great stepping stone and a fantastic platform to raise awareness of such an important issue.”