Spend your dosh on Kosher nosh

Leeds becomes the first Union in the UK to stock a range of Kosher food

Essentials now has a Kosher section, making Leeds the first Union to have a range of foods which conform to Jewish dietary law.

Whilst many other unis provide bagels as a sole source of Jewish cuisine, the Union now offers Kosher sandwiches as part of the meal deal, Kosher meat and much more.

Initially put forward at the Better Leeds Forum last February, this motion has become a reality due to the combined efforts of the Jewish Society (JSOC) and the Union.

Mitchell Cohen, the President of JSOC, called this ‘an extra service for Jewish students’.

He told The Tab that beforehand, students had to drive 20 minutes outside town to buy Kosher food.

The easily accessible Kosher food has been met with enthusiasm:

Hayley Lewis, a third year, said: “I think it’s a fantastic idea. I’m so happy I can pick up bisli and croutons after lectures!”

Though still in its early stages, the aim is to supply products that Jewish students want most. This applies to festivals too, hence the current selling of doughnuts during Chanukah.

LUU getting into the Chanukah spirit

The idea seems to have worked well so far as most Kosher products sold out within their first day.

The Tab hopes you had a great Chanukah! 

We hope you’ve had a deLIGHTful 8 days