10 Signs of a Housemate From Hell

It’s getting to the point where you need to decide who to live with next year. Here’s our 10 signs of a person you DO NOT want to live with.

It’s that time of the year when students are looking into moving out of halls and into the big wide world of private accommodation.

We’ve already shown you the nightmare properties you don’t want to end up in, now allow me to introduce you to the fellow students you need to avoid at all costs…

1. The one who says during the trip to Unipol that she’s going to need a couple of wardrobes.

We're gonna need a spare room...

2. The one who was always losing their keys in freshers; trust me, they are NOT going to start remembering any time soon…

Repeat: My house keys are my children.

3. The one who could never quite make it the bathroom after a rough night at Halo.

Also, avoid the one with a camera phone

4. The one who always says: “Don’t touch my plates or my cups or my cushion. If you do I will smother you while you sleep.”

cups jpeg

5. The one with a scary boyfriend.

The one who has noisy sex in the shower next to your bedroom = absolute NO

6. The one with a scary girlfriend.

Gooey messages on the fridge = No.

7. The one who suggests you get a ‘house noticeboard’: you don’t even know passive aggressive until you’ve experience the noticeboard…

The ultimate tool in passive aggressiveness

8. The one with the label maker: need I say more?

I'm sure they stopped making these for a reason...

9. The one who refers to the mould on his saucepan as his ‘pet’.

Disney Princess plates = Yes

10. The one with the guinea pigs. For the first week: adorable. For the rest of the year: tiny little shit bags.

Deceivingly smelly