Strike 2.0: Lecturers Walk Out Again

Lectures cancelled across uni and Eddie B, Brotherton and Health Sciences libraries to close early

School’s out again as lecturers ditch uni over an ongoing pay row.

Brotherton, Edward Boyle and the Health Sciences library are set to close early today as staff go walkabout.


Lectures and seminars have been called off across uni, leaving many students with no contact hours.

Liz, a second year sociology student said: “I’m very disappointed over the decision to strike as as I have very little hours in uni anyway and there has been no rescheduling of the lecture.”


But some students had the right idea:


In the second strike this semester uni staff set up 17 picket across campus and urged students not to cross their lines.

Lecturers then walked out of uni to march on the city centre at midday.


Was your day affected by the strikes? Did you cross a picket line? Let us know in the comments.