Lowering the tone

We use Instagram to try and save five APPalling locations in Leeds

Most student Instagram accounts seem to be pictures of culinary nightmares or big stacks of books they’ve taken out the library.

But if Instagram can make your kitchen disasters look appetising, what can it do for some of the ugly spots around campus and Hyde Park?

Here’s five grim Leeds locations we tried to make look somewhat reasonable via everyone’s favourite photo-filtering app.

1. Clarendon Way/Hyde Terrace

A daunting uphill walk, especially if you’re carrying some heavy shopping, and with the main sight being the charming Worsley building, an Amaro effect makes everything seem slightly more hopeful.

Instagram Hyde’s the bleakness of this location

 2. Edward Boyle Private Study Area

Something to send to the parents which a) shows that you’re working and b) filters out the offensive graffiti.

Like most people in Eddy B, this effect doesn’t really work

3. The Old Bar Toilets

Not really sure why anyone would want to Instagram the loo’s, especially these toilets, which came out worst in our list of places to poo on campus. A Brannan effect does make them seem somewhat presentable but an app which filtered out the smell from your nose would be the next logical step.

Want the most pointless Instagram photo you’ll ever see? Urine luck

4. Abandoned School, Royal Park Road

One of more Hyde Park’s more eerie attractions, a Lo-Fi effect tries to deflect attention from the fact this place is definitely haunted.

This has been a lesson in amateur photography

5. Leeds Metropolitan/Beckett University

Part University, part building site, this blot on the landscape is surely a lost cause. Grey and depressing, not even a pretty willow effect can save that plywood tower from looking ridiculous.

Instagram has met it’s match with this one.