It’s Official: Oceana is the Worst Night Out in Leeds

Oceana smashes its rivals into oblivion to clinch Leeds nightlife’s most undesirable title.

The edgy students of Leeds have spoken: Oceana is officially Leeds’ worst night out of 2013.

Over 4000 of you voted in our poll, which crowns the city-centre nightclub as the place you’d least like to get messy at in the early hours.


The most important vote of the year (Really, it is!)

To its credit, Oceana managed to fend off fierce competition from second and third place finishers Halo and Tiger Tiger to claim the prestigious title.

But while the runners up both put in admirable performances, receiving around 18% of the vote a piece, they were no match for the mighty Oceana, which stormed to victory with a staggering 32% of the vote- that’s a mammoth 1353 votes in total.


Strangely, despite its landslide victory, there wasn’t much outright hate for the winner in the comments section, perhaps suggesting that being shit is actually a selling point.


Maybe ‘Anon’ has a point…

Space and Mezz finished outside the medal positions but still came in with almost 16% of the vote each implying that all the nominations were justified after all.


Voice of the people: Tom’s comment got the thumbs up


Blunt: Zee is too edgy for this rubbish

But after all this negativity it’s only fitting that we end on a positive note…


Yes, ‘Bore off’ suggests voters should stop the hatin’ and, er, ‘own the night’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean).

The Tab offers its sincerest congratulations to all who took part and we hope to see you the same time next year (even if you never want to see us again).