Oops… RAG accidently advertise Tequila, the club night they dropped

‘Dedicated to oral pleasure – come and swallow Tequila’ poster turns up in a RAG promo video

In a move which could have viewers screaming “It’s, er, in front of you!” the Union society has published an advert for Tequila – the club night LUU campaigned against just last month. 

The less-than-subtle “DEDICATED TO ORAL PLEASURE, COME AND SWALLOW” ad pops-up numerous times in the RAG Take Me Out video on the wall during a succession of interviews.

“My ideal girl… has good banter”

The clip includes three LUU execs and features similar promotional material which caused RAG to publicly end their partnership with Tequila for the Safer Sex Circus.

Last month a spokesperson for Leeds RAG said: “Unfortunately, due to the events of this week Leeds RAG will no longer be collaborating with Tequila on The Safer Sex Circus.

“We feel the (Fresher’s Violation video) was irreconcilable with the message of safer sex and the ethos of Leeds RAG.”

The writing’s on the wall

The 14 minute-long clip, which is preview for RAG’s Take Me Out event, was published in mid November, just a month after the fierce Union-backed campaign against the club night.

The revelation comes at a time when some people are struggling to take the Union seriously for its controversial decision to ban The Sun newspaper.

Union is strength …so they say.

Check out the video here:

RAG dropped Tequila as the sponsor of their October Safer Sex Circus after club promoters published a controversial video in which students joked about raping Freshers.

The YouTube clip, entitled Tequila: Freshers Violation saw a host ask female students “how are you going to avoid being violated tonight?”

One student joked in reply: “She’s going to pay for the drinks, she’s going to pay for the taxi, and she’s going to get raped.” Another said: “I’m gonna fist a fresher.”

The video – which was removed after four hours – was promoted with the tagline “Fuck me I’m a fresher” and promised a “violation cage” with the message “jailbait” posted above it.

Tequila blamed students for the sick video, claiming senior management had no knowledge of it. But a Tab investigation later revealed that Tequila’s 39-year-old owner Sam Welply shared the clip on his own Facebook timeline.

At the time, Tequila said: “This video has been removed whilst we investigate thoroughly.

“We do not normalise, excuse, tolerate or condone rape or sexual abuse of any sort. Tequila has promoted a safe environment for students to enjoy themselves responsibly for the last 21 years.

“We will continue to maintain our duty of care as we always have done. We apologise for any offence that has been caused.”