10 Things You’ll Only Understand if You’re a Leeds Politics Student

Apart from mourning the loss of 4pm essay deadlines…

1. The horror, as a social scientist, of being grouped together with those we look down on: the sociologists.

2. The pain of getting lost in the deep, dark depths of campus (ie Hyde Terrace), without a swipe card, while the building you used to call home looks like this:

Even instagram couldn’t save this eyesore

3. The shock when you actually recognise familiar faces during the scaremongering, plagiarism-warning-filled introductory lecture to the year.

4. The confusion, at aforementioned meeting, of being reprimanded for not attending Feedback Fortnight when you have no idea what it is.

5. The legend that is this guy:


6. The complete and utter shock at being timetabled more than two contact hours in a day.

Well, we know how to procrastinate…

7. The certainty that if ‘Approaches to Political Science’ was not a compulsory module then it would cease to exist out of sheer unpopularity.

8. The relief of typing in your essay title to Google Scholar or JSTOR and finding plentiful results.

9. The all too familiar drones of the privately-educated-Tory-MPs-of-the-future in seminars.

10. The realisation that if you don’t want to be the guy in the point above then your degree is fairly pointless and extremely unlikely to lead to a job.

Politics: a degree as nonsensical as this GIF