The Sun banned on campus

The Sun newspaper will no longer be sold in the Union over Page 3 debate

Following a vote by students The Sun newspaper has been banned from Leeds University Union.

The decision was made by a panel of thirteen students who were randomly selected to vote on the idea at the Better Union Forum.

Putting forward the motion, student Niall MacLaughlin said: “I want the Union to offer their support to the No More Page 3 Campaign against the use of naked female models in the Sun.”

The First Editions Of The Sun On Sunday Hit The Newstands

He added: “Page 3 is deeply degrading, dehumanising and damaging to women. This does not empower women, but conversely promotes the idea they are no more than sex objects.”

Last year a motion on lads mags went to a referendum but was not supported by students.


Protester Fatuma Hayek and idea proposer Niall MacLaughlin

Fatuma Hayek, a student protested against the banning of the Sun. She said:  “10 to me, seems a bit out of ratio compared to a student population of more than 36,000 .”

“Feminists should not tell other women what to do, or use the absurd idea that boys see a pair of boobs and it leads to sexual assault, or an immoral society.”

But the newspaper will probably not be missed – the Union currently only sells 7 copies per week on average.

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