What do women want (in guys clothes)?

We asked 40 ladies on campus what they love and hate to see lads wearing. Here are the results

Last week we looked at what guys like to see in the female wardrobe, but now it’s time for the ladies’ opinion.

We asked 40 girls on campus what they like to see guys wearing.

Compared to the boys, the ladies were keen to be specific on what colours they like to see. The conclusion to draw from the survey was (yes boys you can all breathe a sigh of relief at this point) just keeping things simple.

This is what they want:


A White T shirt – Less is more and going for clean and simple is the way to strike the right note on Leeds campus


Dark Blue Jeans – Getting the fit right is crucial – not too tight!


Track pants – Comfy and the girls like them too  (though always in a muted color – black, dark blue or grey)

A Shirt – Nothing wrong with looking like you’ve made a bit of an effort and the ladies like it in white or blue please


A nice watch – No this does not mean the girls we asked are gold diggers, but the presence of a good watch implies you care about the details


This is what they don’t want:


Flip Flops – Even in Leeds where we’re in single figure weather these can be spotted on campus, particularly lurking around The Edge


Vests – Unless you’re in posession of the body and perfect tan to match, vests came out as  very unpopular amongst our girls


Too short shorts – Again like the flip flops just why!? Its too cold, plus pale and hairy legs are not a pretty sight!


Speedos – Ok we know men aren’t wandering around in these on campus (thank god) but it was a general consensus that these are NOT a good look (for decency we went for a back image).

Cardigans – The ladies on campus aren’t looking for a Grandad


Photos: Will Stanley