We’re fit and we know we are

New study reveals Leeds ladies spend up to two thirds less than girls at other unis on cosmetic products

It looks like Leeds students prefer to put chemicals in their bodies rather than on them…  

A survey on students’ beauty product spending suggests that beauty is natural after all… well sort of.

The study by online beauty retailer Escentual.com reveals that we’re spending up to two thirds less than other unis on cosmetic products.

The average Leeds student spends £333.41 a year on cosmetics, which might seem like a lot.

But it’s nothing compared to Lancaster (£1109), York (£968) and Durham (£895).

This new info reveals that while image-conscious students across the nation are blowing their loan on cosmetics, we’re all ridiculously good-looking and can save our money for other things.

Sometimes less is more

While envious students at Lancaster are frittering away more than a grand on slap, our undergrads only need to spend a third of that figure on beauty products to impress in the lecture hall.

Elsewhere in the table, boffins at Cambridge and Oxford are 16th and 25th respectively but this comes as no surprise since we all know they prefer the au naturale look.


Speaking of bottoms, it’s Coventry who bring up the rear in the survey along with Surrey and Falmouth who spend next to nothing on beauty products.