Students caught shagging in the library

Students grab a naughty study break in Eddy B level 12


It’s everyone’s worst nightmare – trying to work in the library and getting distracted by loud noises.

So imagine one student’s horror when she overheard a couple having noisy sex in Edward Boyle.

One third year turned to Facebook for help.

She added: “I think they’re really near me but I don’t know where, I’m too scared to look. They keep laughing periodically and sssh-ing each other.”

But the situation escalated.

When asked if she was certain what the two students were up to, Kirsty said:

The status gained almost 100 likes and even the Facebook Edward Boyle got involved:

But unsurprisingly a University spokesperson was quick to spoil the fun, saying: “We would hope our students would behave in a way that is responsible and respectful.”

Have you heard similar noises in the library? Do you know the happy couple? Let us know in the comments.