Strike Out!

Lectures cancelled, libraries shut and cafes closed in uni staff protest

School’s out today as lectures across the university have been cancelled over demands for higher pay.

The Brotherton is set to close early, while the Edward Boyle opening hours have been reduced from 9am-5pm.


Parkinson Court Cafe, Physics Coffee Bar, Dolce Vita, The Edge Cafe and Cafe 6 are also closed.

Education Officer Alice Smart said:  “Leeds University Union respect and support the right for University staff to strike and the Exec feel that their demands for decent pay are fair and justified. However we have been trying to ensure that disruption to students is kept to a minimum.”

She added: “We have asked trade union representatives to circulate a message to their members advising lecturers to avoid assessing students on material missed as a result of the strikes.”

The Union is set to stay open.


Philosophy Professor Matthew Kieran said: “The unions are committed to minimising any adverse affect of this action on your education. There will, nevertheless, be some adverse effect, and this is unavoidable.”

“We hope that you understand the situation and realise that our dispute is with university employers.”

Politics student Rebecca Shapiro said: “I support why my seminar tutor is striking, but the fact that my week now contains 3 hours is pretty bizarre. He said we can go to alternative seminars on Friday but I’m not free then.”


English student Rose Kate Whitney said: “I appreciate that they might not be getting the full pay they deserve, but I think it’s so unfair to disrupt students’ work, especially in third year, especially a week before the first deadline.”

“I was ill a few weeks ago and got an email through semi-threatening consequences if I missed more seminars, where are the repercussions for lecturer cancellations today?”

Have you had a lecture or seminar cancelled? How do you feel about the strikes? Let us know in the comments.