Protesters take a shot at Tequila

Over 100 students show up to campaign against Tequila’s rape joke video

Tequila will have a worse hangover than usual this morning after over 100 students arrived to protest outside of Mezz.

Protesters stormed the club last night to demonstrate against their controversial rape joke video.

Tequila in the slammer … Protesters outside the club

The FemSoc organised picket campaigned for Mezz to drop the popular Thursday night Tequila event following their ‘Fresher’s Violation’ promotion.

petition for Tequila to close is growing rapidly with over 3000 signatures.

LUU Education Officer Alice Smart said: “I’m so proud of all the Leeds students for taking a stand against Tequila.”

Protester Kirsty Dunbar added: “Amazing turn out for the anti-rape culture protest, totally inspiring.”

Community Officer Frankie O’Byrne said: “It was a privilege to be a part of the tequila protest tonight, lots of great people supporting a great cause.”