Up in arms: Students Protest at Careers Fair

Protesters take aim at BAE Systems during careers event


A group of student activists took centre stage at the Careers Fair on Monday.

The protest targeted British defence giant BAE’s recruitment stall, in which undergraduates voiced concerns about the company’s global distribution of arms.

The campaigners wore white t-shirts emblazoned with ‘DISARM LEEDS’ and took up residence in the Edge Sports Centre, using a megaphone to hammer home their message.

Under fire … A security guard subdues a megaphone-wielding activist

Police were contacted but the security team at The Edge managed to keep the plucky protesters under control for the duration of the stunt.

This event follows a similar episode from last year in which a group of students stink-bombed a BAE stand at the careers fair and sprayed anti-BAE graffiti around campus.

Causing a stink … Students prefer aural assault instead of chemical weaponry to make their point this year

However, the protest was not received well by everyone in Leeds.

David Webster, a Chinese Language and International Relations student said: “To the students protesting against BAE at Uni of Leeds careers fair: thanks for ruining it for everybody else, you selfish bunch of louts.”