Tequila post rape joke video

Club blasted for video where students joke about raping freshers

Angry students have attacked Tequila after the club posted a video where students joked about raping freshers.

The YouTube clip, entitled Tequila: Freshers Violation saw a host ask female students “how are you going to avoid being violated tonight?”

One student joked in reply: “She’s going to pay for the drinks, she’s going to pay for the taxi, and she’s going to get raped.” Another said: “I’m gonna fist a fresher.”

The video – which was removed after four hours – was promoted with the tagline “Fuck me I’m a fresher” and promised a “violation cage” with the message “jailbait” posted above it.

At the time of publication, the Facebook post advertising the video remained online, and Tequila faced calls for an apology.

Feminist society co-ordinator Freya Potter told The Tab: “The consensus among our members is that this video is one of the most vile examples of university rape culture and the targeting of vulnerable fresher students is particularly distressing.

“The glorification and justification of rape by Tequila and the comments made by Leeds University students is completely unacceptable.

“The attitude towards consent and rape shown in the video puts women students in real danger and FemSoc will be protesting and campaigning against Tequila and wider rape culture.”

Other students hounded the club on Twitter:

The club has since apologised, posting on Facebook: “This video has been removed whilst we investigate thoroughly.

“We do not normalise, excuse, tolerate or condone rape or sexual abuse of any sort. Tequila has promoted a safe environment for students to enjoy themselves responsibly for the last 21 years.

“We will continue to maintain our duty of care as we always have done. We apologise for any offence that has been caused.”