Uni get their pants pulled down at Varsity

We lost the rugby and the overall Varsity, but at least we don’t go to Met.


There was a strong sense of disappointment felt yesterday by all Leeds University students as they were smashed by Leeds Met in the annual sports Varsity.

After last year’s 30-30 draw, Uni were hoping for a significant win and despite the rain, expectations were high.

However, the excitement soon turned to disappointment as the Mets sports teams grew from strength to strength throughout the day. The final result: 37.5 to Met, leaving Uni trailing behind with a woeful score of 17.5.

The first victory of the day went to Met winning in the Ultimate Frisbee. However Uni quickly caught up with victories in the Athletics, Cricket and in the pool (real sports).

With a score of 32.5 – 14.5 to Met, there wasn’t much hope for a Varsity win despite the Rugby finale, but spirits were still running high and the rivalry still strong.

After 2 tries from Met in the first 15 minutes, confidence in the Gryphons was starting to waver.

With the score 20-3 at half time, a victory looked doubtful for Leeds Uni. However with a few comeback tries, Uni managed to regain some face with a final score of 25-15 to Met.

‘We pay your benefits’ and ‘If you can’t spell Uni go to Met’ were just some of the many chants to be heard from the Leeds Uni crowd.

You can only hope that next year will make up for the Leeds Uni whitewash and the absence of streakers.