1 in 4 have lied to get into uni

26% of students have lied on their personal statements to get into university…

Over a quarter of students have lied on their personal statements. 

Out of the 1,500 students we surveyed from across the country, 26% said that they had lied when applying to university.

27% of these wrong-ens lied about the books they had read, with over 20% telling porkies about their extra-curricular activities and hobbies.

Some student’s have lied to get into uni… (these ones didn’t)

One user lied about being able to read New Testament Greek. “Got interviewed by the University New Testament Greek coordinator. Somehow she didn’t ask me anything about it. Thank the Lord.”

While some expanded the boundaries of the truth, others simply lied through their teeth.

  • “I planned to do lots of work experience and charity work in my gap year but I spent it watching Gilmore Girls and eating.”
  • “Said I was on the school swim team. Can’t swim.”
  • “Said I could play the piano to grade 7 and flute to grade 8 – never touched them.”

With A-level results due Thursday, this is surely a disturbing sign for UCAS.

A spokesman for UCAS said “Institutions may follow up aspects of a personal statement, and are likely to explore the claims made in a personal statement if there is an interview requirement for the course.

It is important that all aspects of a personal statement represent a truthful account of the applicants’ experience and situation.

“Any incorrect information supplied may invalidate any offers made.”