Leeds Met to change name

Leeds’ other uni wants a new name


In a move that will change Varsity chants forever, Leeds Met are planning to change their name.

Vice Chancellor Susan Price said they were considering switching identity because the university had outgrown its metropolitan name.

The potential names Leeds Beckett, Leeds Headingley and Leeds Ridings University are being considered.

Angry Met students have reacted badly to the news, starting a Facebook group to protest against the name change.

A member of the group, Rob Lazenby said: “Basically the general feeling is that the three names they have come up with are poor.”

The Tab hates to see our Met neighbours suffer and thinks we can help them come up with a better name.

Vote for your favourite, or let us know if you have a better idea in the comments section.

The Tab’s suggestions:

The Leeds School For Kids That Can’t Read Good And Want To Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

Leeds Junior School

Leeds Other Uni

Unay of Leeds

Leeds Brian Clough

Oceana Uni

Leeds to a career at McDonalds

Leeds Specialist Creche – Laissez-faire daycare for children aged 18 and upwards

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